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We recognize the enormous costs that are associated with recruitment and in particular having to repeat the recruitment process because the candidates are not suited to the role in question. This is why we offer a fully bespoke recruitment service for the identification of the ideal person for any role.


Businesses spend huge sums of money annually on advertising with less than impressive results. This is because they advertise in the wrong places-to the wrong target market, at the wrong time or their adverts are confusing or do not convey the right message to their target audience. Mr Syed Arif Ali Adil will remedy this situation for his clients by using his broad and deep-rooted knowledge of marketing in different industries to deliver effective advertising services that reflect generate the highest response for the businesses of his clients.


Finance and accounting are fundamental tasks for every company. Compliance with official and legal financial regulations and the need for sufficient liquidity provision to increase the scope of your options all have to be taken into consideration. Mr Ahsan Ahmed Khan’s attention to detail and professionalism makes Aska Business Services Ltd ideal for this role.


No company is immune to crisis. In times of crisis, everything needs to run swiftly and smoothly. Localizing, structuring, assessing and applying a solution to a problem that can be implemented immediately is on e of the core elements of crisis management. Mr Ahsan Ahmed Khan will be of assistance to ensure that everything runs as swiftly and smoothly as possible if a crisis occurs in your company.

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Developing Amazing Things with Passion since 2014

We are marketing and administrative consultancy company based in London. We help SMEs across different business sectors, fulfill their business needs and achieve the business development ambitions. We can solve your present problems and guide your way through the best possible solutions. We believe in optimisation and flawless strategies to cope with the issues at hand.


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Ahsan Ahmed

Office Manager
Mr. Ahsan Ahmed Khan and Mr. Syed Arif Ali Adil are the two directors of Aska Business Services Ltd.

Syed Arif Ali Adil

Marketing Consultant
Mr. Ahsan Ahmed Khan and Mr. Syed Arif Ali Adil are the two directors of Aska Business Services Ltd.